Typography workshop

Part one - getting webfonts to work and work well

In October we are running part one of a two part workshop series on web typography. In the first workshop we’ll look at getting webfonts to work and work well. We’ll approach webfonts from an accessibility and performance point of view and consider the pros and cons of the following:

The workshop will be hands-on practical exercises, with a few short presentations (on theoretical and technical considerations) in-between.

As an attendee you should have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or be willing to learn). If you have a laptop, bring it with you.

About the (special) RSVPs

There are only 20 spaces available for this workshop, so we’re doing special RSVPs again.

Short version: you’ll need to confirm your attendance one week before the workshop.

Longer version: when you RSVP here you’ll be added to the Waiting List. One week before the workshop we’ll contact you via Meetup, asking for confirmation of your attendance. When you reply to this message, we’ll update your RSVP to Yes. If you don’t reply to this message, you won’t be able to attend the workshop. Eep!

Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct. Thanks! :)