LGBT Hackathon

Rough outline for the day.

  1. Short opening presentation from CTFEDs orgs.
  2. Form teams.
  3. Benchmark your site.
  4. Get site running locally and / or on a staging environment.
  5. Make a mini Kanban board for your team.
  6. Go, go, go!
  7. Just before the end of the hackathon, run the benchmarks again.
  8. Closing: next steps.

The slide deck: Deckset-flavoured markdown; PDF (5.5MB)


Form teams

Based on:

Printable team sheets to put stickies on to.


Run the site through:

Note: If you you’re using the WebPageTest API Wrapper for NodeJS and have an API key you can run webpagetest test <url> --key $WPT_API_KEY --location "Dulles_MotoG" --connectivity "3G" --runs "5" --video or webpagetest test <url> -k $WPT_API_KEY -l "Dulles_MotoG" -y "3G" -r "5" -v.

Printable Benchmark sheet.

Mini Kanban

  1. Grab a bit of A4 and make a Kanban board with the following columns. It should like a bit like this example board: big first column and small second and third columns.
    • Options ✋ (Like To Do, but not a To Do list: we probably won’t have time to do all the things)
    • Doing 👉 (Each person should only be working on one thing at a time.)
    • Done 👍 (Huzzah! Nice one :) )
  2. Review the site and your benchmark data and write a bunch stickies for things that you could do.
  3. Go, go, go!
    • Pick one sticky to work on.
    • Put your initials in the corner and move it to Doing.
    • When you’re done, move it Done and take a new sticky.
    • Repeat until awesome.



Why are you here?

What’s one thing you’ve learned so far?

Action shots

Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct. Thanks! :)